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Landel's Institute: A Primer.

As there has been an announcement that new patients are arriving, this is my usual introduction to the institute. I hope it proves helpful.

First, and most importantly: Do not go out alone at night, even if you are an extremely skilled fighter. There are monsters here that can and will kill you; be wary and be careful. It's best to go out as part of a team.

Second, though no less important than the first: Everything the staff members tell you is a lie. Your name, your history, and your "family" are all lies if the staff tells you about them. (I've heard rare cases of patients being called by their actual names, but this doesn't seem to be a widespread occurrence.) Trust your own memories.

Third, we have a little monster problem on our hands at night. This is why you should not go alone at night. Take heed of what other patients have noted about the monsters. There is information about them here; this is the most updated version of the list. If you see something that hasn't been detailed there, please contribute, so that we have a fuller picture of what we're up against.

Fourth, we're all from different "worlds" and different timelines. No one, save Martin Landel, who runs this place, knows how or why we were brought here.

Fifth: If you need company at night, it's best to contact one of the club leaders. Homura-san leads the History Club, Maes Hughes leads the Cooking Club, and Hinamori-san and Matsumoto-san co-lead the Arts and Crafts Club. They post here regularly regarding their missions and how they can be reached. A full list of clubs has also been collected here, if you would like to meet with them.

Sixth: Take note of your "name" and room number and give it to your allies. The staff members take people at night for what's known as a "CM-US Trial", where you're at their mercy. These have been announced over the intercom system; knowing your name can help others find you.*

Seventh: Patients have been known to be controlled by the staff at night, in a process known as 'Special Counseling'. Your friends can and will attack you if this happens; be careful and be cautious.

Eighth: The voice on the radio...while I would like to say that the current voice is as trustworthy as its predecessor's, I'm afraid evidence is mounting that this isn't the case. It's still a good idea to take the radio with you at night, but be cautious when following its clues.

Ninth: It's possible for allies to go missing here. We don't know what happens in this case, but there has been a distinct pattern to the disappearances. If someone you know begins to sleep more than is usual for them, or has gaps in their memory, you may want to keep an especially close eye on them, as both of these have occurred quite often with people that have disappeared.

Tenth: It's also possible for people that have been here before to reappear. We don't know how or why, but when this happens, the person may have no memory of their previous stay.

Eleventh: Some areas of the Institute are more dangerous than others after night falls. In particular, the Sun Room seems to be dangerous, as does the basement, courtyard area, and the animal containment room.

Twelfth: I've heard cases of 'powers', whatever they may be where you're from, not working the same way they would in one's home world. Take this as you will.

Thirteenth: It's possible to leave the Institute grounds at night; however, the monsters outside the grounds are more dangerous than the ones within.

Fourteenth: Watch your back.

And finally, [Copies of the roof map, first-floor map, and second-floor map are tacked here, with a note saying, "Please leave the maps here for other patients to copy."]

-- M.E.

* At one time, there was a list of patients' names being collected. However, the person behind the list deemed it too dangerous to keep it posted in such a public forum.

[OOC: The first-and-second-floor maps being posted here now are new. They are also a group effort, and they should be correctly marked as to what patients should know and shouldn't. Special thanks to subversive and murasaki_kaze for their help on this, as well as OOC chat and everyone who commented to my post asking for help. If there is anything that needs to be altered, added, or changed, please let me know via the contact list info or an LJ PM, and I'll make the changes.]
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